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National Flower of United Kingdom Britain

United Kingdom Britain is situated in Europe Continent . The  National flower of  Britain is Red Rose , It is adopted as a floral emblem since the time of the wars of the Roses - Civil war (1455-1485) . The war of the roses was between The Royal Housse of Lancaster (representing Red rose emblem ) And The Royal House of York (representing White rose emblem ).

Balanced Rock Formation Idol Rock

  Nature beautiful creation rock formation, in the shape of beautiful Idol standing over a tiny piece of rock Situated in North Yorkshire, England spread over an area of around 50 acres. The Idol rock weighs around 200 tonnes and at a height of nearly 30 meters in area. It is open all over the year for visitors starting from 8 am until dusk. Entry to watch the Idol and other rock formation is free, however, car parking is charged, for those who are not members of National Trust. There are many other rock formations in the area, developed by nature as a result of erosion of sandstones by water, wind, and glaciation. A few formations are known as The Idol, The Camel, The Turtle, The Dancing Bear, The Watchdog, The Sphinx, are named accordingly because rocks resemble these creatures when viewing with different angles.

The Yew Tunnel - Aberglasney Gardens U.K

    The Yew tunnel (Aberglasney gardens U.K) is about 250 years old. It is assumed that the yew tunnel was planted during the eighteen century, by the Dyer family. It is unique in the U.K.  When the trees had grown tall bent over to form an extended arch. And this way the great beautiful Yew tunnel formed. The trunks spread all over and branches get fused in such a way that is present it is not possible to find out how many separate trees are available in the vast mass of this venerable growing gallery .