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National Flower of The Bahamas

The Bahamasis an island country locatedin the Caribbean. The National flower ofThe Bahamas is that the Yellow Elderflower, it is native to The BahamasIsland. The scientific name of Elder Flower isTecoma stans, it's an evergreen flower and blooms throughout the year. The Elderfloweradditionally referred to as Yellow bell,Ginger Thomas, Yellow Trumpet Bush.

It is elected as a National flower in 1970 by combined member votes of all four Major gardens club in the stateThe Nassau garden club, the Carver garden club, the International garden club and also the Y.W.C.A garden club.

It is cultivated as a decorative tree throughout the country. It blooms throughout the year within the bunches of 4-6 flowers. It's additionally used for medical purposes as it's leaves and bark used for in cure of high blood pressure and for digestion related issues.