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National Flower of Argentina

Argentina is a country situated in South America Continent. The national flower of Argentina is Erythrina Cristina Galli , Locally also known as "Ceibo" . The tree Erythrina is a South American tree grows to a height of 12-18 meters, having the flower of carmine red color. The Erythrina Cristina Galli is also known as cock's comb, coral tree, Cockspur coral tree, Crybaby tree. The Erythrina Cristina Galli flower blossom from November till February. On 2nd December 1942, Argentina declared The Erythrina Cristina Galli as it's National Floral emblem.

National Flower of Uruguay

Uruguay is a country situated in the South America continent. National Flower of Uruguay is Erythrina Cristina Galli. It is also known as " Ceibo ". This Flower Blossoms on a tree in red color that makes it more attractive. In Uruguay, the forest of red flower trees found in many areas. It is grown in parks, side streets and outside home gardens. Other popular names of Erythrina Cristina Galli are Cock's Comb , Coral tree.

National Flower of Venezuela

Venezuela is a country situated in the South America continent. Venezuela declared Orchid as it's National Flower on May 23rd year 1951. So in Venezuela, it is also known as flor de mayo " May Flower ". The scientific name of Orchid is Cattleya Mossie.