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National Flower of Algeria

Algeria is an African country situated in North Africa . The National flower of Algeria is Iris tectorum . It is also well known as Roof Iris, Algerian national flower Iris, Rhizomatous Iris, Bearded Iris, German Iris, Iris Kochi, and Blue Flag Iris. Iris Tectorum Found in many colors orange, pink, white brown, lavender, purple and blue. It blossomed in June or early summer gives a feel of the rainbow when it blooms, this is the beauty of this flower.

National Flower of Tunisia

Tunisia is a country situated in North Africa. Jasmine is the National flower of Tunisia . The scientific name of Jasmine is Jasminum Sambac . The Jasmine is cultivated all over the world for its beauty and sweet fragrance/scent used in the perfume industry. It is also used for worship in temples and for decoration purposes all over the world. Jasmine flower is pure white , and whitish-yellow in color.