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National Flower of Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful country situated in south-east Asia. Before 1990 there was no official national floral emblem associated. But in the year of 1993 Indonesia selected & announced three flowers as National floral emblem under three different categories. 1. National Flower of Indonesia:- the National flower of  Indonesia is Jasmine . There are many species of  Jasmine found in Indonesia but Jasmine sambac is chosen as a National flower of Indonesia because of its beauty and sweet smell. It is a part of Indonesian people's life, starting a day with a cup of jasmine leaves tea, for decoration and for medicinal properties. It is also known as Melati Putih , Puspa  Banga . 2. The Flower of Charm:- The flower of the charm is chosen from many other species is Moon Orchid . It is also known as Puspa Pesona and Anggrek Bulan in Indonesia. 3. Rare Flower of Indonesia :- Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources, so there are a few speci