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National Flower of Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful country situated in south-east Asia. Before 1990 there was no official national floral emblem associated. But in the year of 1993 Indonesia selected & announced three flowers as National floral emblem under three different categories.

1. National Flower of Indonesia:- the National flower of  Indonesia is Jasmine. There are many species of  Jasmine found in Indonesia but Jasmine sambac is chosen as a National flower of Indonesia because of its beauty and sweet smell. It is a part of Indonesian people's life, starting a day with a cup of jasmine leaves tea, for decoration and for medicinal properties. It is also known as Melati Putih, Puspa  Banga.

2. The Flower of Charm:- The flower of the charm is chosen from many other species is Moon Orchid. It is also known as Puspa Pesona and Anggrek Bulan in Indonesia.

3. Rare Flower of Indonesia:- Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources, so there are a few species found that are not available in another r…