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Mysterious Nishkalank Mahadev Mandir Bhavnagar Gujrat

NIshkalank Mahadev temple is situated in the Bhavnagar district of  Gujrat is a very mysterious temple that is 2 km (approx.) inside the sea. People come to visit this temple to get rid of their sins. The specialty of this temple is that it gets submerged in the sea in high tides and emerges again for devotees for only a few hours in low tides. The mysterious Nishkalank Mahadev temple promises to devotees, who come and pray and bath here get rid of all of their sins. It is believed that this temple is built in Dawapr Yuga by Pandavas after the Kurukshetra battle end. After the war ends Pandavas worried that they killed their relatives and cousins in the battle so they will be sent to hell due to this reason. After discussion, they decided to ask Lord Krishna what they would do to get rid of their sins. Krishna replied I am providing you a black flag and cow, you take them and find the place where both turned to white from black. After you find the place, start pray


The Temples of Palitana is one of the main holy shrine Attractions for the Jain pilgrims. The Temples of Paalitana also known for the biggest temple campus in the world. The temples of Paalitana is located on the Shatrunjay hills in the city Paalitana , district Bhavnagar , Gujrat India .  Palitana is situated at a distance of 51 km from Bhavnagar . There are more than 1000 small and big beautiful & designers temples are situated in this Campus made of white stone " Sangmarmar ". These temples are dedicated to the 24 Jain Tirthankaras .For this reason that all place is also known as  Shatrunjay Shrine or Seedha kshetra . The first Jain saint Aadinath is situated on the top of the hill. All temples where build in different centuries after the 11th Century in the following next 900 years. A recent survey counts that there are 27 thousand statues/deities belong to the Jain religion are set up on this hill from down to top. There are more tha