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National flower of Austria

Austria is a country in the  Europe continent and the capital of Austria in Vienna. The currency of Austria is Euro, and the national flower of Austria is Edelweiss. It belongs to the sunflower family and looks like a star, it is a mountainous flower. It also has many medicinal properties and used as medicine for the cure of respiratory and abdominal diseases. Because of its beauty and star look, it is also known as Floarea Reginie (Queen flower).

National Flower of Ukraine

Ukraine is a country of Europe continent. The National flower of Ukraine is Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) . As the name suggests it looks like the sun and move with the sun. Sunflower is cultivated all over the world for edible sunflower oil and seeds. In Ukraine, it is known as " Sonyashnyk ", a symbol of unity and fertility.

National Flower of United Kingdom Britain

United Kingdom Britain is situated in Europe Continent . The  National flower of  Britain is Red Rose , It is adopted as a floral emblem since the time of the wars of the Roses - Civil war (1455-1485) . The war of the roses was between The Royal Housse of Lancaster (representing Red rose emblem ) And The Royal House of York (representing White rose emblem ).

National Flower of Vatican City

Vatican city is a holy city situated in Europe. It is the smallest city in the world. The National Flower of Vatican City is Easter lily . Eastern lily also is known as Asiatic Eastern Lily, Stylized Easter Lily . In Vatican City, it is used for decoration and for other purposes.