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Brown Pelican - national bird of barbados

The national bird of Barbados is the brown pelican . The scientific name of Brown Pelican is Pelecanus occidentalis. Basically, it is a North American bird one of the three species of pelicans found in which only two species feed by in water. Brown Pelican belongs to the Pelican family Pelecanidae. It is a very huge and stocky seabird which feeds by diving in water in the sea. Brown Pelican is the smallest species in all known 8 species of the pelican but apart that it is still one of the larger seabirds.  The length of the adult pelican is 1 to 1.52 meters and has a wingspan of 2.03 to 2.48 meters. The average weight of the brown pelican is about 3.5 kg but it varies in the range of 2-5kg. Brown pelican is a piscivore (piscivore only feed on fish) & feed by plunging in the water, the main fish which accounts for 90% of its diet is menhaden. The other fish it feeds on are mainly anchovy, sheepshead, silversides, minnows, pigfish, pinfish, herring, mullets

National Flower of The Bahamas

The Bahamas is an island country located in the Caribbean . The National flower of The Bahamas is that the Yellow Elderflower, it is native to The Bahamas Island. The scientific name of Elder Flowe r is Tecoma stans , it's an evergreen flower and blooms throughout the year. The Elderflower additionally referred to as  Y ellow bell, Ginger Thomas , Yellow Trumpet Bush . It is elected as a National flower in 1970 by combined member votes of all four Major gardens club in the state .  The Nassau garden club , the Carver garden club , the International garden club and also the Y.W.C.A garden club . It is cultivated as a decorative tree throughout the country. It blooms throughout the year within the bunches of 4-6 flowers. It's additionally used for medical purposes as it's leaves and bark used for in cure of high blood pressure and for digestion related issues .

National Flower of Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a country situated in the Caribbean. It is a combined independent country of three islands Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda. The national flower of Antigua and Barbuda is Agave Karatto, it is also known as 'Dagger log' or 'Batta log' . The color of the  Agave karatto is yellow.