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Phoenix-national bird of lebanon

The Phoenixis the national bird of Lebanon, it is the mythical Egyptian firebird, from greeks mythologyas well. The phoenix represents fire and divinity. It is also associated with the sun as per Greek mythology.
A mythology about this Firebird is that its lifespan is around 500-1500 years, and is reborn from its ashes and fire.
It is well known legendary bird of ancient times, and it is also part of the popular Harry Potter series.                                                                                           One myth about this mythical Egyptian firebird is that it can carry weight 100 times of its weight. And tears of this magical firebird can heal any type of wound.                                                                                                                                                                                   And if you had watched the movie of harry potter you have seen this Scene about how it heels the wound of harry potter and carry pro…

National Animal of Lebanon - Striped Hyena

The Lebanese Republic or Lebanon is a country situated in the Middle East. The capital of Lebanon is Beirutand the currency isLebanese pound. The national animal of this western Asia country is Striped Hyena. 

The scientific name of Striped Hyena is Hyaena Hyaena. This species of Hyena is native to the north & east Africa, Indian subcontinent, the middle east, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The striped hyena is nocturnal and social, these scavengers live in small groups of 2 to 7 members. The striped hyena is mammal's commonly found in arid and mountainous scrub woodland, live in dens made by burrowing or occupying burrow's made by other animals. They also make a den in caves, rock fissures and in erosion channels.

The male and female striped hyena both look similar except the height, the male hyena is a bit bigger then it's counterpart. The length of the striped hyena is 2.8 to 4.3ft and weighs around 49 to 120lbs. The striped hyena has long hairs and strips on the bod…

National Flower of Bangladesh -Shapla (water lily)

Bangladesh is a South Asian country, it is situated in the east of India, in Asia Continent. The population of Bangladesh is 16.3 crore in 2016(as per world bank) and the currency is Bangladeshi Taka.
It is a country of rivers and travel by boat is very common in Bangladesh. The national flower is Shapla(water lily), water lily represents the many rivers in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, it is additionally known as Shapla, the scientific name of Nymphaea nouchali. In Bangladesh, it is found in two colors mainly pink and white.                                                                                                                                      Waterlily or Shapla is a medicinal plant and in Indian Ayurveda, it was already discovered centuries ago, and the main purpose is to treat indigestion and stomach related problems.                                                                                                                                                              …

Mysterious Island Ruled By Animals-Rabbit Island Japan

This world is so mysterious and full of surprises. In this world, there are many places and Islands that are ruled by Animals. One of them is an island ruled by Rabbits and known as Rabbit island or Bunny island is situated in Japan.
Okunoshima Island is located in the city of Takehara is an inland sea island, and anyone can reach to this Bunny Island via ferry from Tadanoumi and Omishima.The Okunoshima is a small island that is almost 3 miles around, home of more than 1000 Rabbits.

The Rabbit colony started by 8 Fluffy European Rabbit in 1971 released by a school and over years the colony grows to 1000+ rabbits. 

So now the question arises in mind why ?? For what reason the Bunnies released on the Island ??

So the history of this island is also very mysterious rather than other islands basically it was used as a chemical & poisonous gas weapon testing ground during the second world war. As per stories later in 1971, the bunnies released to test and record the effects of poisonou…

National Flower of Vietnam

Vietnam is a country situated in the Asia continent. The National flower of Vietnam is Lotus (Red Lotus). It represents Honor, Health, Knowledge, Beauty, and Commitment. It is also known as the flower of the dawn, because of reason, in night lotus flower closes its petals and sink. Again as the sun rises it open and starts spreading its natural beauty.

National Flower of Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful country situated in south-east Asia. Before 1990 there was no official national floral emblem associated. But in the year of 1993 Indonesia selected & announced three flowers as National floral emblem under three different categories.

1. National Flower of Indonesia:- the National flower of  Indonesia is Jasmine. There are many species of  Jasmine found in Indonesia but Jasmine sambac is chosen as a National flower of Indonesia because of its beauty and sweet smell. It is a part of Indonesian people's life, starting a day with a cup of jasmine leaves tea, for decoration and for medicinal properties. It is also known as Melati Putih, Puspa  Banga.

2. The Flower of Charm:- The flower of the charm is chosen from many other species is Moon Orchid. It is also known as Puspa Pesona and Anggrek Bulan in Indonesia.

3. Rare Flower of Indonesia:- Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources, so there are a few species found that are not available in another r…

National Flower of Thailand

Thailand (The land of smiles) is a beautiful country in south-east Asia. The National flower of Thailand is Cassia Fistula Linn (locally known as "Ratchaphruek").

 It is also known an The Pudding piper tree or The Indian Laburnum. In October 2001 it is officially taken as the National flower of Thailand. The Ratchaphruek blossoms in the spring.

When flower comes on the tree in the form of clusters its all look like a yellow golden tree with few leaves. It looks very beautiful when it starts blossoms.

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