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The Five Most Expensive diamonds in the world

Diamond is considered to be the best among all gems and that is why its price is higher than all other gems. There are many such diamonds in the world, which are worth billions. Today we are going to tell you about some such diamonds, which are rare as well as valuable. The Graff Pink Diamond Graff Pink is one of the world's largest diamonds, was auctioned in 2010 and sold for around Rs. 300 crore. This extremely pink diamond of 24.78-carats was bought by a person named Lawrence Graff of Britain. The name of this diamond was named 'Graff Pink' after him.  The Pink Star Diamond   Pink Star is one of the rare diamonds in the world. This 59.6-carat diamond is egg-shaped. In the year 2017 auction held in Hong-KOng, this pink colored diamond was sold for a record Rs 462 Crore. It had a world record of selling the most expensive diamonds. The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond The 'Oppenheimer Blue' diamond is also one of the rare diamonds. The