Phoenix-national bird of lebanon

The Phoenix is the national bird of Lebanon, it is the mythical Egyptian firebird, from greeks mythology as well. The phoenix represents fire and divinity. It is also associated with the sun as per Greek mythology.

A mythology about this Firebird is that its lifespan is around 500-1500 years, and is reborn from its ashes and fire.

It is well known legendary bird of ancient times, and it is also part of the popular Harry Potter series.                                                                                           One myth about this mythical Egyptian firebird is that it can carry weight 100 times of its weight. And tears of this magical firebird can heal any type of wound.                                                                                                                                                                                   And if you had watched the movie of harry potter you have seen this Scene about how it heels the wound of harry potter and carry professor dumbledor and one more scene of its rebirth when it born after three days from its ashes and fire.

Now one thing comes to mind why Lebanon used this mythical bird as it's national bird, how it is associated with Lebanon??? 

So there is only one connection as the Beirut demolished and destroyed 7 times in history and every time it stands again from its ashes and fire is just like the magical firebird the Phoenix.

Source of Images:- From harry potter movies and


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