National Flower of Bangladesh -Shapla (water lily)

Bangladesh is a South Asian country, it is situated in the east of India, in Asia Continent. The population of Bangladesh is 16.3 crore in 2016(as per world bank) and the currency is Bangladeshi Taka.

It is a country of rivers and travel by boat is very common in Bangladesh. The national flower is Shapla(water lily), water lily represents the many rivers in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, it is additionally known as Shapla, the scientific name of Nymphaea nouchali. In Bangladesh, it is found in two colors mainly pink and white.                                                                                                                                      Waterlily or Shapla is a medicinal plant and in Indian Ayurveda, it was already discovered centuries ago, and the main purpose is to treat indigestion and stomach related problems.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Now in modern science recent researches also proved it's medicinal properties. And the research stated that it also bearing medicinal properties as an antidiabetic and antihepatotoxic.

Like in another part of the world and other species of Waterlilies/Lotuses, Waterlily also has edible parts like tubers and rhizomes as food items mainly.

Facts about water lily:-
  1. The scientific name of shapla (water lily) is Nymphaea nouchali, and it belongs to the Nymphaeaceae family.
  2. There are around 70 more species of water lilies known so far in other regions or worlds with different colors.
  3. It is an aquatic flower plant and grows in lakes, ponds and other water bodies, the leaves of shapla and flower floats at the surface of the water. Another part of this flower always inside water or muddy water.
  4. The flower consists of 8 petals and 4-12 sepals with green dark leaves floating over the surface.
  5. In other countries like India and Thailand, it is also used as a decorative flower and it is a sacred flower in Hindu mythology used for worship of deities.
  6. It resembles the purity of the soul. And for this reason, it is declared as a national floral emblem of Bangladesh.


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