Mysterious Island Ruled By Animals-Rabbit Island Japan

This world is so mysterious and full of surprises. In this world, there are many places and Islands that are ruled by Animals. One of them is an island ruled by Rabbits and known as Rabbit island or Bunny island is situated in Japan.

Okunoshima Island is located in the city of Takehara is an inland sea island, and anyone can reach to this Bunny Island via ferry from Tadanoumi and Omishima. The Okunoshima is a small island that is almost 3 miles around, home of more than 1000 Rabbits.

The Rabbit colony started by 8 Fluffy European Rabbit in 1971 released by a school and over years the colony grows to 1000+ rabbits. 

So now the question arises in mind why ?? For what reason the Bunnies released on the Island ??

So the history of this island is also very mysterious rather than other islands basically it was used as a chemical & poisonous gas weapon testing ground during the second world war. As per stories later in 1971, the bunnies released to test and record the effects of poisonous gas on living beings. And now it is developed as a very famous tourist place in Japan.

Nowadays more than 2 lacs bunny lovers visit this island from Japan and the rest of the world, to watch and play with rabbits and feed them as well. The rabbits on the islands also wait for tourists and they get around the tourists and play with them.

Opening hours for visitors start from 9:30 am in the morning till 4:30 pm in the evening. The island closed only on year first and last day.

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