China Wall or The Great Wall of China one of the largest construction on the earth. The wall is constructed of Masonry, Rocks, Packed-earth materials. The construction stretch is more than 5,000 km long (10,000 li in Chinese measurement), thickness varies from place to place ranges from 15-30 feet(4.5-9.1 meters) and height is up to 25 feet(7.5 meters). It covered a large area of China stretches across the mountains of northern China, winding north and northwest of Beijing. In the year of 1987, The Great Wall of China declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. 

The construction of the Great Wall of China started with the thought to protect China from the Mongol attacks and keep Mongol nomads out of China. The Great Wall of China is not a continuous wall it is a setup collection of small walls joined later that follow the crest of hills on the southern edge of the Mongolian plain.
So in the process of construction, the first set of walls was built of earth sand and stones in wood frames during the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC).

With the passing time, a few modifications and constructions were made to the setup of these simple walls over the next millennium. But the construction of The Great Wall of China what we see today was begun during the rule of the Ming Dynasty (1388-1644 AD).

The Ming rulers construct the wall in new areas from the Qin walls. They set up norms for the construction of new walls, with guard stations and watchtowers at regular intervals. The height of walls up to 25feet(7.5meters), 15-30feet(4.6-9.1meters) wide at the base, and from 9-12feet(2.7-3.7meters) wide at the top(wide enough for marching troops or wagons).

After coming into contact with the west(Europe and America) in the period of 17th-20th century, the legend of the Great Wall of China grew along with the tourism to the wall.

Restoration and rebuilding of the Great Wall of China started at the starting of the 20th century, and In the year of 1987, it is declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Nowadays a thousand visitors/tourists visit the Great Wall of China every day.


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