Mango is the national fruit of India. Mango is the king of all fruits. It is also the national fruit of Pakistan and the Philippines. Bangkok (Thailand) is also known by its nickname that is "Big Mango". Mango is the most common tropical fruit popular in the whole world. Mango name is taken from the Tamil(one of the Indian languages) word 'mangai'.

The origin of Mango is East India. Its scientific name is "Mangifera indica" and belongs to the Anacardiaceae family. It is found in tropical regions of the world. Mango trees are normally 50-100 Ft (10-15 meters) tall with area 4-7 meters and can live up to 300 years.

Mango flowers are yellowish-white and small, mango fruit is of size ranging between 5-25cm and shaped like kidney, oval, or round. There are more than 1,000 varieties available, Alphonso is the most popular variety of Indian mangoes and is considered to be the tastiest and delicious mango in the world.

A tasty saying about mango taste is :

"Mango is like a drug. You must have more and more mango until there is no mango left".


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