The National bird of India is Peacock. The peacock represents Beauty, grace, pride, love, and mysticism.
Peacocks are very beautiful, attractive and large pheasants birds having a big tail with feathers blue and green colors finished with a shining eye marking the spot of blue, gold, red and other hues that look very beautiful.

Peacock has usually used for pair both male and female sexes, But in the language of science, the male is peacock and female is peahen and together they are known as Peafowl.

In the mating periods, the male peacock dance by spreading tail feathers in an arch shape that time it looks very beautiful and peahen choose the most bright, colorful peacock for sex.

Peacocks live around 20 years. With body size around 35-50"(90-130cm) and tail 5Ft.(1.5m) having body weight around 4-6 kgs.

Peacocks belong to mainly two categories Blue peacocks and green peacocks. The blue peacock founds in India and Sri-Lanka but on the other hand, green peacocks Live in Java and Myanmar (BURMA). One more species found in Africa rainforest known as Congo peacock.


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