The TIRANGA/TRICOLOR is the National Flag of India was officially adopted on 22nd July 1947 during a meeting by the constituting assembly. The national flag of India is a horizontal rectangular tricolor flag, consist of three colors, India Saffron on top, India white in middle, India Green at the bottom. The ratio of its width with the length of the flag is 2:3.

The Saffron color represents courage and strength of the country, the middle color white signifies Peace and Truth with the Dharam chakra that also known as Ashok Chakra (A 24-spoke wheel, in navy blue in its center which signifies the continuous progress of the nation, and the importance of justice in life), and the bottom green color symbolizes the fertility, growth, and productivity of the Land.


History of Indian flag:-


In the year 1904(Flag of sister Nivedita):

In the year 1906:

In the year 1907:

In the year 1917:

In the year 1921:

In the year 1931:

In the year 1947(The TRICOLOR/TIRANGA ):

Other flags of Indian History

Flag of Portuguese - India
Flag of the Viceroy of India
Flag of the Governor-General of India

Flag of the Calcutta
Flag of Bhikhaji Cama
Flag of the Home Rule League
Flag of the Indian Freedom Movement

Flag as Recommended by the Flag-Committee
Flag of The Indian National Congress
Flag of The Indian Legion Founded
Flag of The President of India(1950-1971)


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